Saturday, November 15, 2014


Subject_05_Preparing Whole parts

For the final model, whole parts are prepared by laser cut method. And the mould is made by acrylic material also. Actually the silicon material skin will be made by hand casting without mould using viscosity controller. But if there is no mould, the surface of skin will be tough. So the method is changed for clear surface with completely quality.

 Laser cutting_01

 Laser cutting_02

Whole parts

The skin schematic shape is made by 3d modeling and this model is transformed to planar figure by pepakula program. This planar figure is used for making skin silicon mould. Silicon skin will have 5mm thickness and 85% scale in comparison with original skin size for sustaining weight.

Planar figure


Acrylic bond

The silicon color will be black color. The black dye for silicon will be used and the color can express contrast and emphasis feeling for skin wire frame shape in comparison with white acrylic body.

Black color dye for silicon



Pull out & Clear edge

Connecting part

Completed skin

The body parts need the process that whole parts are sanded surface for making glass material texture. Gears, rails, racks, structures and plates are all sanded at specialty shop.

Whole body parts


Completed sanding