Thursday, October 23, 2014


Subject_05_Module test for skin material_02 & Sensor test

The skin surface needs more elastic and stretchable material for natural movement. So, the silicon is used for test in this time experiment. The silicon is originally used for special cosmetic in movie field.  For example, making skin or the flesh of body and so on. This silicon has 800% stretch possibility and is very durable. Let's test.

Eco Flex 0010 from Smoth on company 



Stretching test

The test is very successful. The silicon is very soft and durable when it is fully casted. But, the silicon needs more thicker for making shape in model surface. So, the viscosity controller is needed. And module surface is tested with two shape type. The one has inside wire like an web, and the other is made by just wire frame. In addition this, the sensor is added for making interactive environment. The PIR sensor is installed to find human motion and TCRT5000 is installed to find sitting person on the top floor of chair.

Thi-vex viscosity controller

Vinyl for mould

Web type

Circuit for sensors

First test

Wire frame type

Cast without mould

Connection with module

Second test