Saturday, November 15, 2014



The first step for assembling is bonding vertical structure to sustain weight. The vertical structure is made with bonded each other three plates. The middle plate has structure like a bone, so 12 vertical plates can sustain very heavy weight.

Mid structure


Installing servo

The fixing parts to assemble skin and gear parts need tapping process because these parts need strong union. These parts are combined by bolts directly. And at first, the top floor is assembled.

Fixing parts for skin


Installed gear

Rack gear

Installed arduino board

Assembled top floor

Rack gear test

The circuit board will be placed on bottom plate, so the model is turned over for completely assemble. The bottom plate and circuit board are hang on the celling with fishing wire and whole wiring proceeds.

Turning over

Hanged botom plate

Wiring circuit

After wiring and assembling body structure, silicon skins are installed. Whole silicon skins are divided into four parts and each parts are connected through prepared point to have same height from body parts. And silicon is installed on body part by tapped acrylic parts and bolt.

Tapped parts and bolt

Installing skin

Installed skin

Completed model