Sunday, October 19, 2014


Subject_05_Module test for skin material_01 & Tech test

The module making is needed for skin material choice. So, the part of first floor in whole model is chosen for module test. The part is triangle shape and it has three vertices with 3 servos with real scale. And whole parts are made by laser cutting method through cad drawing. Actuators are using 6 voltage and they have the 11kg/cm torque in 6 voltage.

Whole parts



Gear and Servo

Rack for linear movement

The top for sitting part

Gear movement

The first material is elastic wire and fabric. The elastic wire is for fastening long hair and fabric is woman's black stockings. Actually, these materials are too tight to sustain the tension for servo. So, something new material is needed to perfectly work in final model. This is the first test mov.

Elastic wire

Black stocking

Material test_01

Before the final model making, the project needs confirmation to working multiple servo with one signal between vvvv and arduino. So, the technical test is processed at first. Two arduino boards are used, and 16 servos are used. Each 4 servos are connected with 6 voltage 2A AC/DC convertor, so 4 AC/DC convertors are used totally by external power source in this circuit. This is the test movie.

Two Boards

16 Servos

4 AC/DC Convertors

6V 2A Adaptor

Whole circuit

Tech test