Friday, April 18, 2014


Subject_01_Movement & Assembling

I use the vvvv and kinect camera for making reacting to person's approaching. At first, I test the controlling servo and then, connect the kinect signal in vvvv. This is short test movie. In this test, I use hand approaching instead of the human body.

Test movie

And for making model, the whole parts are made by laser cutting. At first I want to use formex like a plastic material, but the material is melt down with high laser temperature. So, I use the MDF panel 3mm thickness.

Laser cutting_01

 Laser cutting_02

I use the string for sawing machine to connect the movements parts. Make hole, and weave whole parts. This is first prototype, so I have some mistake in drawing step in cad. The movement part can not sustain the weight when the highest plate raises the whole parts. Unfortunately, the gear parts are broken in accidentally.

 Structure parts

Weaving the plates

Supports in bottom plate

Gear parts

Broken gear parts

So, I disassemble whole parts and remake the movements parts with rail structure. And I adjust the gap between each plates with string weaving.


 Adjusting gap between plates

Making rail

New movements

Connecting toe with string

Finished model