Friday, October 3, 2014


Subject_05_Mass study & Idea & Concept direction

I studied about form making for this concept. Actually, I do not want to make shape by the function of actuator and kinetic methodology. So, I tried some basic shapes like cube, crystal shape. And I added breaking action for making fragments with the variety of methods.


 Fragments test

Voronoi breaking

Mass study

But, there is critical problem with these model. At first I mentioned, I didn't consider about working system. So, the more complex, the more difficult to work. It is very important point to realize prototype and working model. Then I am interested about triangulated tessellation shape. This is the simplest way for making surface with straight line and point (three lines). But it is enough to express completely shape even it is low-fi. In these reason and process, I found new idea for making final model.

 Basic triangulated tesselation

Actually, this idea is my first idea in early process this concept. A chair is very closed object with person in normal life. This idea will give the imagination that the chair treats me very well like human. The chair will say "Hallo!" or "Well come!". And the final chair model will has little movements in normal status like a living thing for reinforcing the shape-shifting concept.

New Shape-Shifiting Methodology

"Well-Treated Feeling" or something