Thursday, August 7, 2014


Subject_05_Motion array & Concept direction

Through whole previous prototype, the shape shifting methodology is enforced when it's change is very big or entirely. So, I focus on the multiple arrangement. The motion array is made by small movements and changes of small things. For example, in the nature's swarm is made by the movements of small insects or small birds. It is very similar to giant, big creature and it makes new movements that are very odd, wired and new something . So, I think about some ideas for motion array object to give new perspective to user.
(Motion array, Swarm in nature, Multiple concept need to add)

First idea is for speaker or media kiosk concept. I call "whisperer" for this idea. Basically this idea changes the method to give sounds user. This system does not use volume control system, it just use turn on / off. Instead of using volume controlling, it uses physical distance controlling. And I will use sound pixel for swarm objects. These sound pixel can make motion or shape by swarm movements.

 Hanging version

 Sound pixels

In wall version

Second idea is for furniture(like a chair, door etc). Basically the small and neat movements make large and complex swarm moving in this type. Chair and Gate ideas use this swarm shape shifting and they give some well treated feeling users like a living creature.

Chair idea

Gate idea

This stool idea use password concept in smartphone unlock function. Every each stool moves independently in normal status. But, when people use specific stools, the whole stools make swarm moving and reacting to users. It is like a game!

Stool idea

The last idea is for Facade or Light. Actually, this idea is focused on shadow play. This idea uses multiple light source with one object for making multiple shadows. Each shadows has different opacity and shape according to direction and distance. I imagine if these multiple lighting source make swarm movements, what happen? It will be very interesting I think! It is valuable for testing. 

Multiple shadows