Thursday, June 12, 2014


Subject_04_Redrawing & Electronic circuit

The previous model had very weak rod for sustaining servo heavy weight. So, I redrawing the rod and re-print with laser cutter. The parts have vertical elements and the bottom parts are reinforced too.

Vertical rod

Bottom parts

I use 4 servo and 2 sensor for making prototype system. The 2 sensors are photoresist and moisture sensor for plant. These parts control resist and the signals control servo movement. Each servo use 6v and 400mA in working situation,  I can not use arduino board pin that 5v. So, I use 6V 10A battery for working servo.

6V 10A Battery

 Arduino circuit

Servo connecting

 Photoresist sensor

In the result, the plant will be placed in the head of prototype. This is plant pot, so the plant controls whole movement like cyborg. But, the weights are more heavy than I think, I have to use just 3 servo except bottom rotation part. This is my mistake in drawing part.

Whole parts

Control tower(Plant)