Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Subject_04_Idea & Drawing

I think about the another movement of animal not tentacle but similar. People and some mammal use the hand and this is the best character in human being. So, I will give to plants the advanced expression method like a hand. It seems like a cyborg, the plant pot is reinforced medium for plants and the controller is plant like a brain.


I draw the whole parts in cad and making parts via laser cutter for fast prototyping. The sensors in previous technical test are used and they will control whole movement. For example, when the plant is thirsty, the movement are very uneasy and fast and shaking. In to the contrary, when plenty of water, the movements are very slow and relaxed. Actually, the results need reinforce because the plant pot and servo is too heavy than I think. I will.



Connecting rod

Movements part

Need reinforcement