Thursday, May 1, 2014


Subject_03_Idea & Test

This is the new idea. During test for small chair prototype in previous, I found this idea. The PWM PC fans give blowing effect like a wind in nature. It can make the movements of plants in windy nature, and this curious movements can make a another feeling. In this situation, there is no definite form change but the wired ( not appropriate ) action can give think shape-shifting.

There is string curtain behind show window and this cover the inside. You can not see inside idle status but when you approach to show window, the curtain in front of you move aside.

Idea diagram

So, I try to test multi control PWM PC fan with arduino and kinect signal. This is small simulation test with 4PC fan. Each fans use DC 12V and 0.2A normally, so I have to use adaptor for change voltage in home usage AC 220V.

4Fans test

Kinect signal connect


 4Fans array

 4Pins for PWM signal

Control PWM signal with Kinect  

Actually, This test is very successful I think. Because the human's waving motion makes wind in this circuit. But it is not from hand, it is fake. It is very interesting part. This is vvvv patch and test movie.


Test movie