Monday, April 7, 2014


Subject_01_Simulation in Com

The shape-shifting methodology needs the real objet for shifting the shape. So, I will start with Stand light in real life object at first. I focused the brightness control with physical shifting and connecting with computational controlling by human approaching.

Idea diagram

I want to use shape shifting methodology in this work, so the physical shape control the brightness of lighting instead of bulb brightness directly. So, I am motivated from contour model in architecture field. The contour model has a stack of planes and the movement of these planes can control the brightness in this prototype. This is the modeling simulation idea.

Line drawing_01

Line drawing_02

Making thickness

When open

When close

Movement parts_01

Movement parts_02

Movement parts_03

At first, I use the servo and rod for change rotation movement to linear movement. But when I test in movements simulation in maya, the rod had some error and the rod can not make the profit mov in this situation. So, I change the movements parts into using gear for simplifying.

Use gear for simplify_01

Use gear for simplify_02

This is simulation movement in maya. I want to plus living expression when normal status, SO I add the breathing motion. This is play blast.

Play blast