Friday, May 23, 2014



The fourth prototype idea is plant pot. I want to try with another signal not human action. So, I think about the idea with nature signal. Normally, the plant can not communicate with human. But in this idea, I will give the another way that it can communicate with human by its status to plant.

Idea diagram

How can human feel and recognize plant's expression. I focus on vine movement in plants. Normally the vine moves very slowly but, the movement seems like a tentacle's. So, I will give to the root of plant the movement of tentacle. If the root will have the movement of tentacle, the change can make another result between human and plants. The changed fast movements of plants can express its status for example, "I'm thirsty" or "I'm afraid." something like a the sign language of human. In this prototype has shape-shifting methodology between plant and animal.  



I try to make with acrylic and piano wire the root vine has the movement of tentacle. The piano wire has elasticity so, I think that it is best material for expressing tentacle movement. But at the result, the movement is too wired and it seems like a just spring. I will find another idea about this.

Laser cut

Piano wire


Control using fishing line

Test the movement