Wednesday, March 26, 2014



What is the best adaptable to use in modification Environments. I research about shape-shifting. The shape-shifting meaning is the ability of a being to physically transform into another form or entity. This concept is originally based on mythology and fairytale. For example, the Greek-mythology contain this story and The beauty and beast is too. And each country has this concept in folklore.

Shape-Shifting in Mythology

In modern time, this concept is adapted to variety fields in real life. It can give another feeling, another function, another beauty when it has shape-shifting. The fields are between small fashion to big building facade.

Shape-Shifting in Fashion

Shape-Shifting in Product

Shape-Shifting in Architecture

So, Why does it need this methodology (Shape - Shifting) for modification environments. I pay attention to the material in this concept. This methodology use friendly objects we all know in real life. So, the change of original object can give more impact than another methology and then, the results can give more powerful, different perspective and value.